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Make me a Fully Named Web Slut Please
  • Username: Cum-Slut-Carol
  • Date: 18-Aug-2021 16:49:45
  • Mood: horny
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Hello, I am Carol Jones from Westbury in West Wiltshire UK
( AKA Cum-Slut-Carol or CumFaceClaire )
I’m a mother and a grandmother, who works in a busy local office.


I have had a life long ambition from a young age to be totally and completely sexually Exposed and Fully Named.

I want everyone to know that I love to play with and Suck lots of Cock and Get my face covered in LOTS of Cum in my spare time. I try to hold regular Cock and Cum Parties where I get as much Cock and Cum as possible all over my face, tits, Cunt and my mouth. I love Cum facials, big Cocks and big Cummers.

Some times I choose a couple of good looking Cocks out of the guys who attend and ask them to Piss over my Face and on my Clit as well.


I am Also into Public Nudity, Public Flashing and Public Cum Facial pics.


I love knowing that people I know can see me in Videos where I just keep sucking, wanking and taking every load of Cum over my face and mouth until I am covered. The smell and taste of lots of mixed Cum is just incredibly erotic and its a big turn on that I am being seen all over the web as a Dirty Depraves and Shameless Slut. 


I also try go out Dogging, attending sites in parks and laybys were any Cocks can just turn up and watch me play with my Cunt. I then get them to Cum over my face and Mouth by sucking and wanking them all off and when finished for the night I then drive home still covered in their Spunk.


Very Soon I am looking to do a Public Cum Facial so I am in need of big Cummers to Spunk over my face so I can walk about with 2 or more Cum loads in public places like park or similar. With lots of visible Spunk over my face I will walk about and have pics and video taken. The feeling of Cum on my Face out in public is amazing, knowing people might see me knowing I have Spunk on my face is so exciting!  I might even be able to order some food at a Drive through with my Face dripping with Spunk at say, McDonalds or similar!


 So use and abuse my Pics, Tribute them, Print them and expose them to get me seen and known for the Proud Disgusting Slag of a Woman that I so want to be known as !!!


Now go and have some fun.

Luv, Sucks and Spunky Kisses

Carol Jones  xxx



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Avatar Sextreem
2022-04-17 10:59:39

Fuck reading that was horny as being there, hardened my cock and I couldn't help but flick, stroke n squeeze it while fantasise about you milking it until you get that big blow load so badly desired n required to give pleasure to such a man satisfying goddess as you are🤩

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  • a Woman, 55 y.o.
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  • From: United Kingdom,
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  • Headline: I am still very happy and desperate to be sexually exposed and fully named. I want ZERO sexual Privacy
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