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RV fun
  • Username: coatsbill #1
  • Date: 27-Sep-2022 22:02:28
  • Mood: in love
  • Music:

  Last Friday the wife and I went over to the casino and stayed in our RV. We had dinner and then gambled a little while having drinks and a good time. The wife drank a couple of glasses of wine tomany and I had a little more beer than I normalydo. Back to the RV and had a good drink while just chatting and enjoying each other.

  The wife said she was headed to bed and I could tell by the way she looked at me I was going to get fucked. 

  She went to bed and I turned everything off and followed. When I climbed into bed and rolled over to kiss her I noticed she was completly naked. She wrapped her arms around me and really planted a hard hot kiss on me. We kissed and my hands were all over her. She had her legs spread just enough for me to feel her intire cunt but I didn't stick my finger in. I only rubbed up and down her slit and played with her clit a little. 

  By now I had kicked off what little I was wearing and with us both naked she was giving me a hand job and I was still rubbing her cunt. She was so hot I could feel the juces flowing out of her and still I didn't enter her lips. I knew I was going to eat her and wanted to break the seal with my tongue. I kissed her some more than headed down. I kissed her tits and kissed her belly. I turned around and straddled her in the 69 position. As soon as I did that she took my cock into her mouth and started working on it. She has learned to tilt her head back and take me all the way in. (Wow) I thought I was done as soon as she did that but she backed off and just sucked me. By now I was so hot I decided to eat her what I call Kathy style. 

  Kathy is my long time g/f that no one knows about. Kathy and I have fucked for years. I learned that if I hook my elbows behiend her knees and pull her legs up and open she is completly exposed. The hips are tiped up and with the legs spread as wide as they can be everthing is right there for me to enjoy.

  When the wife took me all the way into her mouth I knew I was going to eat her Kathy style. I hooked the elbows behiend her legs just like I do Kathy and pulled her legs up and open. Just enough light coming in the bedroom from the RV camp that I could see right down into the wifes cunt. I used my tongue to pull her lips apart and drank all her juices.

She was loaded and I cleaned all of it out of her I could. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started working it over with my tongue. I rolled it around and sucked on it. I've learned that Kathy can't last when I do that to her with legs spread so wide. Just like Kathy the wife didn't last. I was doing circle 8's on her clit with my tongue and she started cumming. It was one of the most intence cums she has had in a long time. When she started I pulled her clit into my mouth and just kept working it. 

  When she started to settle down I started fucking her mouth. I used her mouth just like her cunt and fucked her deep. She was holding on and I let her have my load. She always swollows me and I pumped it all into her mouth.

Afterword she said we had better take a shower we both need it. and we did.  

  The next morning I guess we both woke up remembering the night before. We kissed and I rolled on and did her missionary style. 

 The new RV has been consummated. 




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