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My School Fantasy
  • Username: BangCok
  • Date: 04-Oct-2023 09:40:13
  • Mood: in love
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Like many teenaged girls Angela Peterson enjoyed the attentions of older men, and she took extreme joy in showing off her adorable charms whenever she could.
Angie had a teen Goddess body packed on to her frame. She was a pure blonde with sparkling blue eyes. Her hair was long and she liked to wear it in double ponytails, because she thought it enhanced the sweet, oval beauty of her face. Her lips were thick, pouty. Her cheeks were farm-girl fresh.
She had a dream ass that was high and proud, tight and round. Her titties were the size of ripe oranges, and her hips luscious, supple, and hinged to her body perfectly.
Angie attended Winston School for girls and she was in her last year at the private academy. She didn’t care much for school. As her body ripened, her beauty matured, she had dreams of becoming a model, an actress, or a TV anchor woman.
The darling lass certainly had the looks for these professions. Angie had none of the desires of other girls her age. She cared not for teenage boys.
“Ugly? Pimples and stuff,” she always said. Angie was well aware of her beauty and very aware of her body. She had been ever since she was young and started attracting the hot stares and gawking gazes of men and boys.
She loved to recall an incident that happened in the small Southern city where she lived. She was walking down the street in a tight pair of yellow shorts and a dark blue tank top. She had stopped to look in a store window, then glanced over her shoulder and saw a man in a car staring at her ass. Bang! He slammed into the car ahead of him. The accident and the look on the man’s face were stuck in her mind forever.
Angie lived with her grandparents. Her mother was in a mental institute, and she had never known her father who fled while she was a baby. Her grandparents were old, very puritanical and stern. She longed to be away from them.
Angie would lie in bed at night thinking of Los Angeles or New York, New Orleans and other faraway places, and while she did this she masturbated. She loved the climactic thrill of orgasm and had been finger-fucking herself for years, sometimes as many as three times a day.
She had never had sex with a man, however, settling for the excitement of seeing a man turned on by her flirting.
When she did show off, it amounted to innocent teasing such as a generous show of legs, a sexy pose, like bending over, or being sexy at a motel swimming pool.
Angie looked precious in her school uniform. She wore a pay skirt that had pleats and hemmed out high on her thighs. This skirt was matched with a blue sweater, dark blue knee socks, and blue and white saddle shoes. She liked to fix her hair in double ponytails and tied them with white yarn to enhance the outfit. The skirt was tight around her hips and the gentle top slope of her ass, then it pleated out.
She had not one ounce of fat on her tight, well-curved body. Her tummy was flat and her waist narrow, and this added to the supple plushness of her hips and ass.

She sat in her history class toward the end of a lecture by her teacher Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin was his forties, slender, tall, and he had sandy brown hair that had not yet turned gray. He enchanted her with his good looks and his macho mustache.
The bell rang, and as the class filed out, Angie gathered her books to leave. Mr. Martin beckoned to her. She went to his desk. He walked to the door and shut it.
Mr. Martin had, been infatuated with the beautiful girl for over a year now. There were times in class when he had all he could do to say his lecture, to follow his notes, seeing her there in the front row cuddled so adorable and sex escorts y at her desk.
Just before the class had left, Mr. Martin had assigned a paper. A silent groan had gone up from the class. He was always assigning long papers, especially on the weekends, so the students would have to take part of their time off to work on the project.
He trembled within and sat down. He knew he was about to take a very big gamble, but he thought the idea worth any retribution he might suffer if it went wrong.
“Well, are you going to write me a real good paper, Angela?” he said.
“Well, I’ll try, but we have a football game this weekend and stuff…” she said, her words slow, measured, trailing off.
“You could be excused from writing the paper and get an A on it if you wish,” he said.
“I could?” she exclaimed.
“Yes, indeed.”
“Well, oh yeah, that’d be great.”
“Yes, you need not write it if you’ll do something for me, Angela.”
“What, sir?”
He hesitated. “I want you to know I think you’re a very pretty young lady.”
Angie of course knew this but had never had a man tell her so before.
“Gee, thanks, sir,” she said, blushingly. “Yes, yes indeed, you are very beautiful, attractive,” he said, looking into her blue eyes. “And if you would pull your skirt up for me for awhile you could have an A for the paper and not do it.”
Angie was flabbergasted. Certainly, she liked to show how off and the thought of it gave her a buzz of excitement. “Jeez, I… pull my skirt up?”
“That’s all I have to do?”
Angie thought to herself for a moment. What could it hurt? Why not? And get an A for doing it? She also loved the thought of not doing the stupid paper.
“Well, I guess so,” she said finally. Mr. Martin breathed a sigh of relief and pushed back from his desk. Angie saw in the crotch of his gray slacks a spiked bulge. “Then go ahead, my dear.”
“Like this?” Angie said, and reached down to lift the hem of her tiny, gray school skirt. She pulled it up over her tanned, smooth thighs, up over a pair of sweet, snug pink panties.
Angie held the skirt up. Mr. Martin eyed the way the panties tugged at her crotch, pulled in there into a nylon mound. “Just like this, is this right?”
“Yes, yes!”
Angie looked fabulous standing in front of him, her skirt held high, her legs encased in the dark blue knee socks, her tight blue sweater filled full of her round tits. Her pink undies gloved her hips tightly.
She noticed the wide-eyed look of admiration on her teacher’s face as he gawked at her. She saw the throb of his prick as it pulsed and thumped against his slacks.

“Marvelous, marvelous,” he whispered, his eyes grazing her firm body, her beautiful face, her teasing little smile, her panties, her legs.
Angie loved the intense look of desire and passion on his face. She knew the sight of her with her skirt up really excited Mr. Martin. She tucked her chin in and looked down at her thin pink panties, the blonde bulge of her cunt-curls pressing against the nylon.
She looked up and found Mr. Martin unzipping his pants. He reached inside his fly and yanked out a big, thick ten-inch prick.
Angie gasped.
She had never seen a man’s prick before, and to see such a huge prick as the one in Mr. Martin’s hands damn near made her faint. The stalk was rigid, smooth like polished marble, and the cock-head big, round, red-like a ripe plum.
Mr. Martin unhooked his slacks, pushed them down, then peeled his shorts down, so both were on his knees. He grabbed his huge cock, fisted it and pumped six fast strokes and the bulging prick spat out a huge, wet load that spurted through the air and splashed in a puddle in front of darling Angie.
“Ooooh, you look good,” Mr. Martin hissed between clenched teeth.
“Sir, should… do you think… I can…”
Angie’s words faded as her eyes widened. She watched him slowly jerk on the fat prick. The sight of the mature, handsome man, pulling and pushing on his hard erection sent shimmers of excitement through her beautiful body.
Mr. Martin huffed and puffed.
Angie watched in rapt fascination. The teacher pumped his squirting prick with a long, slow herky-jerky. A shiver of delight and forbidden pleasure tingled the girl.
“See how hard you make my prick, Angela?” he whispered. “This is the most admiration a man can give a lady, to have a big hard-on like this.”
“But do you think you should be.”
“What am I doing, Angela?” he asked.
“You’re playin’ with yourself, sir.”
“Uh-huh. Makin’ myself feel good to you. Playin’ with what, Angela?”
“Well you know.”
“Tell me.”
“Well, you’re playin’ with your thing… your prick, sir.”
“I know. Oh, God, baby! Take your panties down for me.”
“Huh? Oh, no. I can’t?” She gulped, but a voice inside her told her to do it, take them down and really give the teacher a good show.
“I’ll give you an A on the next paper, too. And you won’t have to do it,” he said, now picking up speed with his strokes.
“Oh, golly. I dunno.”
“I wanna see your pussy!” he barked.
“Well, all right then.” Angie let her skirt fall. She reached up under it and wiggled her panties down to her knees, then lifted the hem of the skirt again.
“Oh, baby!” Mr. Martin gasped, his eyes full of sparkling passion seeing the sweet young cunt. Her blonde cunt-hair was fuzzy and thick.
Mr. Martin jerked furiously on his hot prick, humping and pumping it with a wild stroke. The prick-head kept squishing out spurts of cum that splashed to the floor in front of him.
“Oh, Angie! Whew, jeez, baby! That looks good,” Mr. Martin panted.
“Wow, sir. You’re masturbatin’,” Angie whispered.
“Uh-huh. Feels good. Masturbatin’ to you. Gonna cum to you, Angie!”
He fucked his fist wildly now. He slid down on the edge of his chair and beat savagely on his big cock. Angie watched the action and felt a new eroticism she had not yet experienced. She liked what she was seeing, and she liked showing the teacher her cunt.
“Lemme see your ass,” he said hotly.
“I will if you’ll give me another A on another paper. I’U let you look,” she said.
“Yes, yes!”
Angie turned around, pulled her skirt up way over her ass and showed her smooth ass cheeks to the panting, jerking man.
“Oh jeezzzuzz! Oh my! Oh, Angie!” he babbled, thrilled by the tight, round ass. Angie looked back over her shoulder and watched him jack himself. She instinctively bent over a little to emphasize the curve of her magnificent, young rump.
“You’re beautiful. Your ass is beautiful. It’s the most amazing… it’s… oh, Angie… you have the best ass I’ve ever seen!” Mr. Martin blabbered.
Angie had never heard such dialogue, but she liked the sound of his quivering voice, liked the words he uttered.
“Turn around again,” he huffed.
Angie turned and held up her gray skirt, showed her sweet pussy to her teacher and watched him hammering hard on his big, juicy cock.
Angie’s pussy was spritzing. It had become all wet, gummy, sticky, and itchy. She couldn’t take her eyes off the way Mr. Martin slugged his big prick. It was at that moment, when his hand was a blur, she rolled her hips, pushed and pumped out her pussy to the jacking teacher.

“Ahhhh,” he cried. “Oh, baby. Darling!”
“You like that, when I do that?” she whispered.
“Oh, yes.”
Angie wanted to stick a finger in her pussy and finger herself, make herself cum. As if sensing this, Mr. Martin said, “I’d like to see you put your hand between your legs and rub.”
“Like this?” Angie asked, gathering her skirt up with one hand, setting her legs apart, her feet flat on the floor, her hips humped, slicking a finger into her cunt.
“Oh!” Mr. Martin gasped. “Oh, Angela. Oh, honey. That’s beautiful!”
“You like me doin’ this?”
“Oh!” he cried, pumping like a madman. “You’re really goin’ now, sir,” Angie offered.
“I know. I’m gonna cum to you.”
“I never had anyone cum to me before, sir,” she said.
The sight of beautiful Angie fingering her pussy in front of him sent Mr. Martin into a dizzying swoon of ecstasy. He thumped his prick violently. He grabbed it with both hands, hammered with a vengeance, mindlessly seething with passion for the adorable student.
“Fuck your finger!” he yelped.
Angie slicked her hot little finger furiously in and out of her cunt. She gazed in amazement at the blazing jack-job Mr. Martin was giving himself. She became lost in the thrilling emotion. Tongues tickled her. She felt the first slow shudder of an orgasm that seemed to hold off, and she could control it with her finger.
Then Mr. Martin came. He convulsed in a spasmodic jerk, the force of his climax yanking him upward on the chair as his cock simmered, fumed and burst forth with a stream of hot, thick cream that hurled out high in the air.
“Oh, jeez.” Angie gulped, diddling her cunt with passion. “Oh, sir! Wow!”
“Angie, ahhh!” the teacher cried. “Ahhh, Angie!”
He brutally beat his cock as it foamed and spewed cum all over the floor in front of Angie. She came with him. The upheaving turbulence of her climax stormed through her in an orgasmic shudder. She was jerked forward at the waist, then simply shook, her mouth hanging open, her tongue hanging out the corner of her mouth. She stared at the simmering cream that continued to pour from Mr. Martin’s cock.
“Jeez, sir… ah, jeez,” she murmured.
Angie kept her eyes on the foaming, bubbling prick as she came. She was still amazed at the incredible frothing, squirting, shooting of cream. It seemed that his cock would never stop spilling out the big thick goops of stickum.
Mr. Martin fell back finally into his chair, stretched out huffing and puffing, catching his breath. He was now stroking his cum-lathered prick slowly. One more goop dribbled out and splashed to the floor. Then he let go of his cock, and it stood there, a beaten hunk of fat meat.
Angie quickly dropped her skirt and wiggled her panties into place. The bell rang and she left. As she walked down the hall, she smiled to herself thinking about how much fun she had had and all the A’s she’d racked up.
“Jeez,” she muttered to herself.



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