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My sexual Personality-Test
  • Username: innocent58
  • Date: 26-Aug-2016 02:41:28
  • Mood: full of life
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My Sexual Personality



Attached vs. Independent



You desire intimacy more than the typical person. You love confiding in your sexual partner and enjoy experimenting with them sexually, too. You tend to be very trusting with your partner. 


                           Explorer vs. Bonder




You prefer sexual variety more than the typical person. You are happiest searching out new sexual practices.


                                   Tactile vs. Cerebral



You are intellectually curious and enjoy learning new things. When it comes to sex, you prefer your favorite positions and acts over new and different ones.


Independently Content vs. Devotedly Erotic

Devotedly Erotic


You form stronger romantic bonds than the typical person. To you, sex is a way to explore more deeply with your partner. You like to experiment sexually and are open to new experiences.


Analytical vs. Emotional



You are more rational about sex and love than the typical person. You are a logical lover and make decisions with your head rather than your heart. This helps you stay calm and balance with your partner.


Spiritual vs. Rational



You are more skeptical of spiritual claims than the typical person. You feel passionately about those close to you, but your decisions are guided by logic.



Social and Sexual Makeup



You are socially extroverted, yet sexually introverted. In public, you are gregarious and enjoy being the center of attention, yet sexually you prefer having a discreet  partner. You tend to believe in love and are more spiritual than most.



Physical vs. Mental



You are more stimulated by physical interactions than the typical person. For you the most pleasurable aspect about sex is the physical act. Having your partner , reach climax is essential for you to feel sexually fulfilled. Pornography does not tend to satisfy you because you desire physical contact.



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