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Enjoying sexual pleasures through the Years
  • Username: innocent58
  • Date: 26-Aug-2016 02:34:17
  • Mood: horny
  • Music:


I just recently joined this site  and I am enjoying viewing and exploring.

Little bit on me, I am 57 years old, W/M,  lived in the State of new York for many years, joined the Armed forces late 70's and been down in Texas, still employed for going on 37 years.

My sex life before 18 was none ( lot of pics/playboys to relieve myself). Married at 19 and after about a year or two sex life was practically none.!!! Yea i Know how did I survive huh!

I woke up, you can say , around 1999 and realized I needed to explore and expierence and enjoy sexual fun and pleasures. Since then.....wow..i am so glad i did and still do !

Since 1999 I have regularly enjoyed sex and explored all aspects of sex with all kinds of woman, from 18 yoa to 68 yoa,White Black, Mexcian- No oriental/Asians yet, Single , Divorced, Married ( married  woman are very horny), sisters. mommies and grandmas's!

You can see pictures and videos of most of my woman friends  as I post them.

Thats Julia B. from Odessa, Tx on my profile picture by the way !  :)


I will be posting memories and pictures of women who I have pleasured since 1999 and a few I still do...


Comments are welcomed..... 



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Avatar blackhat1
2016-12-17 05:34:44

All I can say I'm glad you woke up. I lost my cherry at 13, and never looked back. I've tried everything, 3somes, 4somes,gangbangs, orgies ,S&M wife swapping and let me tell you it has been a blast anything that brought pleasure I fucking tried it. Well keep your dicks and your pussies wet!!

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