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Joined: Apr 07, 2007
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Date of Birth 1970-01-01


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I live in Switzerland not far from Basel. I am 48 years old and have many intriguing desires you would probably like. Threesomes, rapeplay and solid hard screwing excite me a lot. I am 5'4" tall and weigh 121 lbs. My pussy is always shaved and my tits fill D-Cups. My cuntlips are darkskinned and slightly crinkled, always moist and quite big. On top of all you will find a very sensitive clit which nestles mostly under the hood, not a big one but it likes to be teased tenderly and with a lot of feeling. My climaxes are little eruptions which make my whole body shake, sure you would like to see and feel it! My hole crotch has a darker colour than the rest of my bodyskin and u will find a very tight butthole there which will pleasure you incredibly because of its tightness. The tip of your dick would need to be good and strong to open and slide in it, but being soaked in my slippery pussyjuice would help you slide in it smoothly and thrill us both! (My longterm partner is always part of the games and we use to take pictures of the action)

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