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  • 2 Post By barnaby
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Old 12-25-2008, 08:08 AM
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Default Giving my posh wife as a present to fat ugly men

I am a successful accountant, in my fifties. I live with my wife Paula in a large thatched cottage in the Bedfordshire countryside. It is full of antiques and other expensive possessions. My wife is ten years younger, and looks even younger. She has shoulder length blonde permed hair, big blue eyes, is 5’ 4”, slim and petite. Her breasts are 34D and her skinny thighs really make her bald pussy stand out when she is naked.

Because I am wealthy she can afford the most expensive clothes, exquisite lingerie, shoes, jewellery and perfume. She takes her position in society for granted and is a terrible snob, looking down on other people.

She went to private school and I am her first and only lover. For many years I have wanted her to go with other men. I had a clear idea of the kind of man who I wanted to fuck her. I wanted it to be a big fat ugly man who would never normally have the chance of such a woman. Actually I wanted it to be a group of big fat ugly men, lower class men who would really relish the chance of pumping their spunk into her unprotected bald little slit and pull on her pert white breasts. I wanted to see them kiss and fuck her hard.

Every time I fucked her I had my fantasy of her being fucked by these awful men in some filthy tower block flat. Eventually the fantasy got the better of me and I told her while I was fucking her hard, and to my surprise she started cumming very hard. Once I had cum, I regretted telling her and felt very dirty for letting her know my desires. To my surprise she became a bit mystical, I could tell she was imagining what it would be like.

A couple of days later I was fucking her again and I started talking dirty to her again about wanting horrible looking smelly men to fuck her and she started saying, ‘Oh god yes, yes, I want it to, I want them to make me undress and see me in my panties and touch me hard between my legs, oh god…. ‘ And then she came hard.

Afterwards I asked if she really wanted to do something about it and she looked really embarrassed, dropping her gaze to the duvet cover, she whispered:’ Yes, I want to be degraded by filthy dirty horrible men.’ I said; ‘Are you sure? Again she whispered; ‘Yes.’ My prick started to stir again. I said, OK I’ll arrange it and make it happen very soon.

I knew exactly where I was going to taker her. In a nearby large town near our village, there is a big rough council estate with a large pub in the middle.
My firm does the accounts for the place and people from my office have complained about having to go there.

The following evening, I paid the pub a visit. As I had hoped, it was full of the roughest men imaginable. They were beer swilling and uncouth. I stood out like a sore thumb in my smart designer suit. I spotted two rough men deep in loud conversation. One was Irish and the other Scots. They had huge beer bellies, were in there fifties and bald headed. They were a bit suspicious at first and thought I was a policeman. I told them that I wasn’t, but that I was a successful businessman. They said they wished they were. Their lives were a mess and their wives had left them. They said a lot of the men in the pub were sad lonely losers like them. At that point I told them that I had an idea that might cheer them up.

When I explained they listened intently. Six other men had clustered around our table as I explained my plan. All of them listened intently and in disbelief. Then I showed them a photograph of my wife dressed In a s smart tight knee length yellow skirt, matching fitted jacket, lots of jewellery, well made up and in very high heels and black stockings. They all stared hard at the photo, mentally undressing her. When I told them they could be really rough with her and fuck her without protection, they looked at me as if I was mad, then they started rubbing themselves while ogling Paula’s picture. They started saying what they would do to her and my own prick started to grow hard. It was agreed that all the men around the table could come and use my wife, and any others that they might know could come along as well. I wanted her to strip naked in front of as many ugly fat nasty men as possible and to see them all fuck her and to watch their filthy cum ooze from her little pink slit. My wife is so posh and well dressed, I knew these sex starved tattooed no hopers would go crazy when they saw her. They said as much and hadn’t had a woman like Paula in their entire lives.

It was a Thursday night and the plan was to taker her to the pub and then back to one of the bloke’s flats in a nearby tower block, on the following Saturday night.

When I got home and told my wife Paula about my arrangements, she looked big eyed and rather nervous. For a moment I thought she would back out, but again, with bowed head, she whispered that she wanted to go through with it.

Next day I found it difficult to concentrate on my job. I had to go to the toilet several times to masturbate, while imagining the men using her. Each time I came, I started to have second thoughts about letting it happen. But as soon as my balls started to fill up again, I wanted it to happen very badly, whatever the risks.

We were due to meet the men in the pub at 7pm and it was a half-hour drive away. My wife and I wanted her to look her absolute best, so she allowed plenty of time to get ready that Saturday afternoon. She showered and perfumed. Then she brushed out her shiny brown ringlets and applied her make up. She has high cheekbones with pale foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara and silver eye shadow, she looked so beautiful. My prick was stirring at the thought of those horrible men seeing her. She has big blue eyes and with the make up on, they looked even bigger. She also smelt so wonderful. Her jewellery was gold and with ruby stones, a necklace, matching earrings and bracelet. She painted her nails crimson with matching lipstick for her full pouting sexy lips.

She then went about deciding what to wear. The first matter to be decided was her lingerie. She has masses of it.

I wanted her to look like a virginal sacrifice, a delicate beauty for the beasts.
I told her to wear white satin. She chose a lovely full slip of heavy satin, trimmed with lots of deep lace around the bust and hem, with matching bra, full panties and deep satin suspender belt. Her stockings were black silk, with sexy seams.

For her outer clothes she chose a yellow silk evening suit. It consisted of a knee length pencil skirt with wide lapelled fitted jacket which had two big black fancy buttons to hold it closed around her tiny waist.

Stepping into five inch high black patent leather shoes and grabbing hold of her evening black patterned handbag, she looked so vulnerable for those ugly beats, I almost came in my pants.

As I put my arm around her, I wanted to kiss her, but did not want to spoil her make up. She was shaking slightly. Again, I asked her if she was sure and she looked up, with a far away expression and whispered ‘yes.’

We went downstairs, her taking very cautious steps because her skirt was so tight and her heels so high. I could see she was trembling slightly. It seemed to take ages to get down to the drive and into my black Jaguar sports car. I held the door for her. She got into the low slung seat with greet modesty, holding her stockinged knees close together as she swung her trim legs around and settled into her seat. As she did so, I glimpsed a froth of deep white lace as her slip showed. Her skirt looked very inviting and I knew it wouldn’t be long before big filthy hands, guided by the foulest minds, would be pushing their way up it. I got into the driving seat as Paula was smoothing the shimmering skirt tautly out over her legs and covering the exposed lace. I couldn’t help imagining the sight of that skirt coming off in front of all those dirty men.
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Old 03-25-2009, 10:48 PM
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Fantastic story! Where is the rest of it? I have done this several times with my wife(a petite red head), and we loved it....especially me
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Old 07-13-2011, 09:55 AM
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Default unusual desire

I think this has story some really deep erotic things in it that I think about doing also.
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Old 03-19-2013, 09:04 AM
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what happen as the story was getting me hard ,did she do the guys ????
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