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  • 1 Post By brit1974
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Old 10-11-2008, 07:54 AM
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Default I fucked my boss

The cashmere dress Iíd chosen to wear my light grey cashmere dress. It clung to every curve of my body and left very little to the imagination. I never wear a bra with this dress because the bra straps just spoil it so much, besides, the feel of the super soft fabric against my body is so nice and it makes me feel very special and sexy. Often I wear tights without knickers under this dress or may be a tiny thong, but tonight I decided that Iíd go completely commando. My husband did his nut when he saw my come down the stairs and the first thing he said to me was ďhavenít you got any knickers on?Ē I knew that this meant that it was pretty obvious that I didnít. But I didnít want to wear knickers that night and so I stood my ground and refused to put any on. We ended up arguing but luckily, within fifteen minutes there was a toot on a horn from outside and I managed to get out of the house before the argument got any worse.

It wasnít the first time Iíd worn this dress without underwear, but the reason my husband was so worked up that night, was because I wasnít going out with him, I was going out with my boss.

I got in my bosses car and we zoomed off; god he was a fast driver. As we tore down the winding country lanes I could feel my braless boobs jiggling under my dress causing the soft fabric to move across my nipples and giving me the wonderful sensation of luxury and sex that being braless under a cashmere dress gives. We arrived at the function which was to be held in a beautiful 16th century house which had been converted in to a very posh hotel. As we walked from car the cool night air caused my nipples to become extremely erect. I did my best to hide them but it was all but impossible.

In the bar we stood with our first drinks of the evening and various people he knew came over to talk to us. He introduced me as his colleague, which obviously was the true state of affairs but I couldnít help think that everybody thought he was fucking me. Which he wasnít; well not until later that night anyway.

As the evening went on we just seemed to get closer and closer and from time to time our hands would brush and heíd place his hand on my hip or my back as we spoke. I was enjoying his touch and I noticed that the brief contact became longer and he was soon holding my hip and squeezing slightly. I was certain that he was aware of my lack of underwear and this was turning me on and I was becoming quite randy. It seemed obvious to me that he was enjoying my body so I took a chance and whispered in his ear, ďCan you think of anywhere we can go. Iíd really like to fuck youĒ Within 10 minutes we back in his car heading to his place.

As we sped down the road I reached across and placed my hand on his leg and move it up his thigh. He responded by putting his hand on my thigh. I opened my legs slightly and he slid his hand up and I could feel his fingers just touching my fanny. This drove me mad and I was feeling so horny that I needed to feel him touch me. I hitched my dress up, exposing my thighs and smoothly shaven fanny. His fingers felt wonderful but I needed to come and it was too awkward for him to do while he was driving. So I took matters in to my own hands.

Positioning myself on the seat, I hitched my dress up round my waist, I opened my legs further and using the middle finger of my right hand I played with my lips which were becoming quite wet. It was surprisingly easy for me to slip the tip of my finger just inside myself. I was soon on the edge of an orgasm and wriggled in the seat as I rubbed myself to a wonderful little climax. By now, I was getting very wet and I was feeling very sensitive and could hardly control myself as I vigorously pummelled myself to a second, more intense orgasm. I ended up giving myself countless orgasms and was writhing in my seat in ecstasy all that way to his house. He was loving it and was as hard as iron when we finally got to his place. I was so worked up and so ready for him as we opened the front door, that I started to undo his trousers before we were out of the hall way.

His trousers were undone and I had his dick in my hand within a few seconds and was kissing him hard and pulling on his bell-end which was becoming even more swollen in my hand. We managed to get upstairs and I pushed him down on to the bed. I pulled his trousers off completely and climbed on top of him, hoisting my dress up round my waist I straddled his meat. Once his bell-end had stretched me the remainder of his shaft easily slipped inside me and I pushed myself hard down on to him, making sure I got the benefit of the full length. I soon reached a sweet orgasm which drove me on to pound myself on to his wonderful rock hard dick. The fantastic feeling of my tits bouncing under the thin fabric of my dress served to turn me on more and more. He seemed to be getting harder and harder inside me and I came again very quickly and was seriously enjoying the experience of feeling my bossís dick stirring deep inside me.

As I continued to fuck him he had his hands up inside my dress and was holding on to my hips and he matched my hip movements with his own. He commented on how good my tits looked and how much Iíd turned him on once he had realised I was completely naked beneath my thin dress. It wasnít too long before he groaned and I felt him shoot his warm load in to me. I kept him inside me and wriggled myself to one more short orgasm before his dick stared to soften inside me. I stayed on top of him for a minute or so while we caught our breath and them, doing my best to keep my dress away from his come soaked dick, I climbed off and lay on the bed next to him.

We didnít speak very much and as we lay I fondled his by now soft dick but it soon started to harden again. We both got naked and bonked each otherís brains for a good two hours before I cleaned myself up and caught a taxi home. As I traveled home I thought about my husband and I suppose I should have felt guilty but I didnít. In fact I was looking forward to fucking my boss again as soon as I got the chance.
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Old 07-25-2018, 08:13 PM
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Default Boss/Lover

Love this story, I am involved in a long term (almost 9 yrs now) affair with my Boss/Lover. The first two years I was cheating (hubby suspected) and I HAD to confess the affair after a whirlwind unplanned trip to Cancun resulted in me coming home quite possibly PREGNANT!! And it was intentional and I intended to know it was by my Boss/Lover by not having sex with hubby until I knew...Ö.so I confessed!!

Luckily, he was quite turned on by the entire situation, but a week later I called him in tears because my period had started!! LOL He says it was the strangest phone call he has ever received.....his wife calling in TEARS because she is not pregnant by someone else!!

Almost 7 years later, the affair is still going strong.

J (the wife)
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