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Old 05-01-2008, 08:20 AM
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Default More about my exhibitionist wife

My Wife and I have just returned from spending a few days at our retreat in Dorset by the coast at Ringstead. Some of you may recall earlier accounts of my Wife’s exhibitionism when we have been on holiday down there.

We only got back yesterday (29 April) but I just had to put the latest account on here straight away.

Dorset always seems to come up trumps with the weather and we have had a wonderful few days in the sheltered bay - lovely sunshine and really quite warm in the afternoon for a few hours.

My Wife doesn’t need much encouragement to strip off on the beach if it’s not too cold. It has been a long while since we have both been able to do it comfortably and have some fun, so we seized the opportunity.

My Wife is 45 and has kept herself in very good shape. She has a lovely slim but curvy size 12 figure, natural pert 36A boobs due to her having no children, long straight shoulder length hair, a soft shapely bottom and a neat trimmed hairy pussy.

We can see a large portion of the beach walking along the path on the way down to it and we are always hopeful (particularly me) that the conditions will favour the possibility of having some fun, be it either the weather or finding someone on the beach that we feel may appreciate a close up look at my Wife’s naked body. It doesn’t always work out that way but on this occasion the beach was deserted when we arrived except for one solitary male who was sitting right down towards the most private end of it where the naturists usually go. He was however fully clothed and I would guess was in his late forties. We decided to walk up the beach and settle down fairly close to him.
As we were unfolding our blanket we made eye contact with him and exchanged smiles and a hello. This situation was just about perfect for my Wife to show herself off although of course we had no idea if the man was straight , bi or gay. We began to exchange pleasantries with him about how lovely the weather was etc. and we then both walked over to him. My heart was beating much faster because I could sense that everything was in place for my Wife to exhibit herself to another man - I was so excited. His name was Tim and he told us that he lived in Owermoigne which is a small village just a couple of miles in from the coast and that he often came down to the beach to relax. I asked him why he did not come with a friend or partner. He said that he used to come with his Wife but they had split up about a year ago. My Wife and I are usually on the same wavelength in this type of situation and my little nod to her was all that was needed to prompt her into action.

My Wife was wearing a tiny low cut thin t-shirt with no bra on underneath, a very short denim skirt, regulation white cotton panties and flip flops.

My Wife walked back over to our blanket which was only about ten metres away while I was still talking to him and immediately took her top off exposing her breasts. We were talking to each other but both looking over towards my Wife. She then unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. The lovely soft cheeks of her bottom looked wonderful in those white panties. Tim asked me if she was my Wife and I confirmed that she was. I was watching his face fairly closely and he was looking over in the direction of my wife who was standing up sorting through her bag. He asked me if we were naturists and I told him that we loved to go naked particularly on this beach in the sun. Just at that point, my Wife who was facing us pulled down her panties to reveal her very neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair. I said to Tim “there you go Tim, knickers off already!” Tim laughed at continued to stare over at my Wife. My Wife finished folding her clothes and walked over to Tim and I as relaxed as you like with her freely bouncing breasts and hairy pussy on full view. I know that she’s my Wife but I have to say she looked amazing and I was completely confident that Tim would be turned on by her.
Our conversation continued for a short while with Tim and I sitting on the beach and my wife standing up. Tim’s face was at the same height as my wife’s pussy, right there in front of him, and he could barely take his eyes off it. My Wife then sat down with us and proceeded to change positions regularly allowing her legs to open giving Tim a very good look at her pussy lips. After a while and a few drinks she sat there for ages with her legs stretched out in front of her and wide enough apart to give us both an uninterrupted view of her pussy. My Wife had done this a few times before and knew exactly how to act as though this was no big deal and gave Tim no clue that she was deliberately letting him have a close up look at everything she had.
I think Tim was too polite or shy at first to make any ment about my Wife’s body and so after a while I just had to ask him what he thought of it. I told him to be frank and tell me what he really thought and that he wouldn’t cause us the slightest offence with what he said. My Wife told him that she would like to know what he thought as well. The mood was very light hearted and we were getting on very well. Tim had sensed this and replied in a much more descriptive way than I thought he would.
I may not have this word perfect but he said to my Wife “you’ve got a pair of tits that I‘d love to suck, an arse that needs fucking and a pussy that I would spend ages licking. As you can imagine this excited me immensely and my Wife was laughing loudly when she thanked him for his kind words.
“Well Tim“, she said “there’s no-one about, fancy a lick?” and my Wife opened her legs as wide as she could. Tim asked me if it was OK and I said yes to him. My Wife laid back and Tim positioned himself in front of her. He put an arm under each of her legs and held them before gently kissing the inside of her legs. My Wife was looking at me and I held her hand. Tim’s tongue then went inside my Wife’s open pussy and she groaned out loud. He licked her out very passionately for what seems like ages. My Wife was really enjoying it, she was giving out very loud groans and was writhing around as Tim‘s tongue lapped away at her bush . Tim had by now taken his shorts down and was wanking furiously. My Wife told Tim that she wanted him to cum over her face and tits. He suddenly knelt up and moved forward kneeling over her face still wanking away. My Wife lifted her head up, took hold of Tim’s cock and guided it straight into her mouth. It was very apparent to me that Tim’s tongue had got her very horny indeed. She was sucking his cock like an absolute slut before Tim gave out the loudest moan of all. My Wife spared him no mercy and let him shoot all of his sperm down the back of her throat. Not a drop was wasted and his glistening helmet was licked clean. Tim sat down and cuddled her looking very flushed. I then let him watch me turn my wife over and fuck the arse off her from behind. I could not hold back for very long at all and shot my load deep inside her very quickly. I was imagining Tim mounting my Wife and fucking her just like I was. I knew he would have loved to and that was an immense turn on.

It was absolutely amazing watching this happen and yes it does sound unbelievable but when you have a willing uninhibited partner, anything is possible.

I can’t wait for summer to arrive and our next visit to this wonderful place.
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