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I am UK wife who loves to meet men talk and have a good laugh
  • Username: naughtyemma
  • Date: 12-Jul-2017 22:13:20
  • Mood: full of life
  • Music: Heavy rock love to sing as well



I had great life and I am now married to a fantastic man. He’s very supportive if all the things I do and I love to play for him.


I want you to fully interact with me doing this Blog. I will talk about my past and write out my adventures. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I do and some event are from a fantasy,but mostly true and which correspond to picture and films of my adulterous and consensual activities with other men.

Please comment on my Blog to aid its development I will try and time line the event as they played out in our lives. We have been active for at least 8 of our 15 years together.  







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Avatar kadogg1
2017-07-23 14:55:23

Hello, you sound interesting

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