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  • Username: Luvskullz
  • Date: 15-Jan-2017 12:18:28
  • Mood: in love
  • Music: Metallica

We stayed up all night together. Playing and exploring. So comfortable with one another that we could just be ourselves and it was not only ok it was encouraged. Touching one another. Talking dirty to a friend swapping pics to show eachother offf and the way we love eachother is electric. Being able to be open to sexuality. And desire. Lust and then love. It was throbbing and sore but so worth it. Got to feel his hard cock pounding at my pussy making me moan and cum. Plan to play with him more tonight can't get enough. Love to please and be pleased. I could do this all the time 24/7. And be happy. Cum to me. Making ur hard cock throb inside me feeeling your hot cum seeep inside my body. Yum. Wanna play more.



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Avatar 2hot1handle
2017-10-18 03:57:34

sure i live this kind of hot dirty talking about sex keep it up and sure it will drive youmore and more fun sweet :-P

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