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So here I am!
  • Username: trying1stbi
  • Date: 28-Jul-2018 21:02:51
  • Mood: other
  • Music:

I signed up for this site today.  Not exactly what I am here looking for at the moment, but I guess i will know it when I find it!  Sent some messages to people that it said are nearby.  Let's see if that works out...

I have been on other sites but so many fake profiles and bad ways of communicating.  I like looking at amateur wife pix and even have a few to share from years ago when I used to swing with the wife.  Maybe we will be able to trade pix at some point.  Eventually maybe I can post pix in the blog once I figure out how to do that!

I hope there are real people on here that like to share their REAL amateur pix and vids and maybe, just maybe I can find some people who would like to share more in real life.

Can't wait to hear from more of you!



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Avatar Head_Guru6669
2018-12-17 11:35:15

Overstood I just stumbled across this site don't seem like it would be all that bad if I could watch some of these ladies in action I too myself am trying to open doors and maybe share contact guess we will keep each other posted....I'm sending friend invited cool

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  • For: Group sex (3 or more)
  • Headline: Inexperienced but eager to try it all!
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